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International Strategies

International strategies are a special case of diversification. Under Armour demonstrates an international strategy by pursuing business opportunities across country borders. They do this for the main purpose of exploiting … Continue reading

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Mergers & Acquisitions at Under Armour

UA has not had any mergers or acquisitions. They are a niche company that is not large enough to buy other companies. However, I can talk theoretically about an acquisition … Continue reading

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Strategic Alliances at UA

The performance apparel industry is very competitive because of industry giants like Nike and Adidas.  These two companies have traditionally set the standard for performance gear, but Under Armour was … Continue reading

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Corporate Diversification

Under Armour is not the best example of corporate diversification. With 84% of theirsales coming from apparel, and 93% of their overall sales coming from the U.S.,there is a high … Continue reading

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Diversification Strategies

Under Armour implements a limited corporate diversification strategy. Most of its business activities fall within a single industry, the sport’s performance industry. Specifically, UA makes it revenues as a dominant … Continue reading

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Vertical Integration

Under Armour outsources most of its production instead of Vertical Integration.  UA’s products are manufactured by unaffiliated manufacturers. Their products are primarily manufactured in Asia, Central and South America and … Continue reading

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Tacit Collusion

Chapter 9 discusses tacit collusion. The book defines collusion as existing when an industry agrees to coordinate their strategic choices to reduce competition.  This in turn enables the firm to … Continue reading

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